Cemetery Procedures

The Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery serves as a NATIONAL SHRINE and therefore, procedures have been designed to ensure its beauty, dignity, and reverent atmosphere are preserved. Please adhere to the following while on the cemetery grounds.

  1. State cemeteries are shrines for those who served and gave their lives for the United States of America. This is an honor that has been accorded to national and state cemeteries by the Congress of the United States in Public Law 93-43, The National Cemeteries Act.
  2. In keeping with the honor bestowed by Congress, it is considered fitting and appropriate that visitors refrain from any conduct or activity that is unbecoming to the final resting place of our Nation's heroes. Accordingly, no visitors will be permitted to:
    1. Litter the grounds.
    2. Cut, break of injure trees, shrubs, grass or other plantings
    3. Use the cemetery for any form of sports or recreation, to include but not limited to jogging, skating, and bicycling.
    4. Use the cemetery as a picnic ground
    5. Allow pets to run loose; or
    6. Otherwise engage in any other demeaning activity or boisterous actions.

Because of the unique nature of the cemetery and the large number of burials per year (approx. 500) we have established some procedures and policies that do not normally exists at private or public cemeteries. Your understanding of these issues is an important consideration as you make interment arrangements.

Place all flowers according to the floral policy.

Please discuss specific questions with the cemetery director or your funeral director.